Airbag For Bike

a revolutionary motorcycle safety system

This is a digital animation of a patent pending motorcycle safety device, that can revolutionize motorcycle riding safety, saving millions from serious accidents and death, and allowing millions of new riders previously hesitant to sit on a motorcycle because of safety, to enjoy motorcycling.


The airbag system is ejected with the rider in a serious crash.


The airbag deploys only if the motorcycle is traveling at a certain speed and various motion sensors, gyroscopes detect a sudden deceleration, acceleration (if hit from behind) or loss of balance that would not be correctable by a human.


The belt system secures the ejecting seat to the rider and also secures the airbags wrapped around the rider. It automatically unfastens in a crash that is not severe enough to warrant a system deployment (to allow the rider to jump off the bike) or if the rider tries to stand up from the bike while it is stopped.

HOw does the motorcycle airbag work?